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style in film faye dunaway in chinatown classiq - style in film faye dunaway in chinatown chinatown 1974 looks and feels like a very modern film in the sense that you feel you are in that world of the thirties when the action takes place that was the very intention of roman polanski and he carried it out flawlessly, film noir chinatown 1974 noirwhale - chinatown is a film noir starring jack nicholson faye dunaway and john huston directed by roman polanski the film is beautifully paced and ingeniously developed jake j j gittes jack nicholson is a private eye whose services are usually utilized to prove infidelity aka sexual surveillance, chinatown hero s journey shmoop - ever notice that every blockbuster movie has the same fundamental pieces a hero a journey some conflicts to muck it all up a reward and the hero returning home and everybody applauding his or her swag yeah scholar joseph campbell noticed first in 1949 he wrote the hero with a thousand, combustible celluloid review chinatown 1974 robert - chinatown was made by producer robert evans who was the head of paramount during some very good years that included the godfather 1972 evans left his post to become an actual hands on producer and chinatown was his first project, faye dunaway chinatown best movies of all time time com - time s richard corliss updates our all time 100 list of the greatest films made since 1923 great performances faye dunaway chinatown by richard schickel jan 19 2010 waiting for stylish brittle women to break is one of the enduring pleasures of movies screenwriter robert towne thought the father s sexual predation, amazon com chinatown blu ray jack nicholson faye - john huston is so powerful here i sometimes think it may have shaped all of nicholson s future performances faye dunaway is astounding in how she seeks to not only embody her character but the era the film is set in when the camera cuts to her it cuts to a 1930 s femme fatale