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solar energy projects for the evil genius gavin d j - solar energy projects for the evil genius gavin d j harper on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers follow the sun to more evil fun let the sun shine on your evil side and have a wicked amount of fun on your way to becoming a solar energy master in this guide, 50 green projects for the evil genius jamil shariff - 50 ways to be a green evil genius who knew being environmentally conscious would ever be considered evil with 50 green projects for the evil genius you ll have wicked fun while reducing your impact on the planet and saving money using easy to find parts and tools this do it yourself guide offers a wide variety of environmentally focused projects you can accomplish on your own, 22 radio receiver genius ik4hdq - evil genius series bionics for the evil genius 25 build it yourself projects electronic circuits for the evil genius 57 lessons with projects, last word archive new scientist - during the recent total solar eclipse in the us i overlapped my hands using the gaps between my fingers to form pinholes just before the start of totality someone noticed that the shadows formed through this pinhole camera onto a whiteboard were so sharp that the individual hairs on my arms were visible, diy solar car battery charger deep cycle 6 volt - diy solar car battery charger crown 3000 forklift batteries marine battery tests out at 12 volts diy solar car battery charger fast 12v battery charger scooter battery 6 gfm 33 12v 33ah so cause it to a habit to unplug appliances a person are not using, making a run at alternative and free energy - 1 much of this narrative can be found in dennis s writings particularly my quest and the alternative my quest was written from his jail cell while the alternative was written soon after he was released from prison my quest is no longer available as of 2014 to my knowledge but the alternative is available from amazon com as of 2014, solar roadways project a really bad idea roy spencer - this solar roadways project started showing up in my facebook news feed and seems to be getting a lot of popular support except i m guessing from actual engineers the idea that we can convert our roadway surfaces to electrical generation solar collectors has numerous practical problems, free energy devices zero point energy and water as fuel - the staggering on going count of non biodegradable plastic bags at the above is the up to date indicator of the plastic bags given to the u s shoppers beginning january 01 of this year across the united states, science and inventions of leonardo da vinci wikipedia - note this is a brief summary of leonardo s early life and journals with particular emphasis on his introduction to science leonardo da vinci april 15 1452 may 2 1519 was born the illegitimate son of messer piero a notary and caterina a peasant woman, science hobbyist my better stuff - note to advertisers no spammers on my guestbooks no commercial urls no nothing entries to my guestbooks are not posted instead they are sent to me, how to depreciate your commercial solar investment with - investing in solar technology such as solar photovoltaic pv electricity is a great way to exponentially reduce the energy costs of your business, inside the koch brothers toxic empire rolling stone - inside the koch brothers toxic empire together charles and david koch control one of the world s largest fortunes which they are using to buy up our political system, hope and optimism want to know - reason 2 solar power cheaper than coal gas and oil we are now at the point where solar energy is less expensive for energy generation than gas coal and oil in many places, physics demonstrations science fair projects science - physics demos science exhibit designs w beaty 2006 odd physics videos also ir thermal camera bill b s edu articles bill b s physics demos bill b s videos, scientists warn of worst case scenario solar flares - this could have happen almost 10 years ago if it had happened 2 3 days before the mere fact that it did happen show that the sun has regular eruptions much more frequent that the idiots over at the national geographic doomsday series said that it is a 300 500 year event, how to build a free energy magnetic motor the green - many have tried building a free energy producing magnetic motor i am seeing a lot of in my daily quest through alternative energy news but what i have learned is that energy is not free perpetual motion machines do not exist everything is taken from somewhere and put elsewhere